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Essex Bird Shop and Pet Supply, established in 1978 has been a part of this pet loving community for over 30 years. Sisters Susan Lufkin and Shelly Nicastro purchased the business in December 2008.


Buying the pet supply shop was part of a long time dream for Susan and Shelly. Growing up on a small family farm in West Gloucester fostered their love of animals. They have enjoyed breeding, training and showing their horses as well as raising various other animals. Their love of animals is their motivation to supply their customers with everything they need to keep their pets healthy and happy.


Susan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Alaska. She is also a licensed riding instructor and enjoys giving riding lessons part time. Susan currently owns a seven year old American Warmblood Paint that she enjoys working with and riding. She also has two Siamese cats, Cleo and Simon.


Shelly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Salem State College. She has spent many years caring for other peoples horses and pets as well as for her own menagerie. Shelly enjoys caring for her 29 year old thoroughbred and 2 year old Appaloosa, both were born at their farm. She also has a tabby cat, Tibby and a terrier mix dog named Ricoh.

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